Navitel Navigator * Android *
SIZE: 3.44 GB

Navitel Navigator - a unique and accurate navigation system that includes free service Navitel.Probki, data on traffic police surveillance cameras (SPEEDCAM), three-dimensional model of road junctions and important buildings architecture. In the presence of a huge database of useful objects POI. Users are also available official detailed maps of Ukraine and Belarus, with the support service Navitel.Probki throughout the maps.

- Simple, intuitive interface and customizable.
- Voice of reference for automatically created route.
- Warning system places greater attention (SPEEDCAM).
- Train travel, "speed bumps."
- Automatic time zone.
- Path length, time, motion and speed.
- Record tracks and waypoints.
- Export / import tracks.
- Export / import routes.
- Export tracks to routes.
- Direction of movement to a given point with the prediction of arrival time.
- Ability to manage the program without the stylus.
- Ability to select voices from the 3-voice packets.
- Ability to select skin file.
- Ability to use informal cards.

What's new in Navitel 7.5 for Android:
Support for new card formats optimized nm7. Now the cards occupy half the space, and work in half the time!
The new privacy settings for the service Navitel.Druzya. You no longer need to enter visibility rules for each contact on your list - you can turn it on once for all service members!
New widget route on the map.
Automatic registration of devices in the Dashboard user when activating the service Navitel.Druzya.
Ability to update the voice packets from the program menu.
Improved algorithm for displaying data on traffic service Navitel.Probki.
Implemented automatic optimization of the map display on the screen when it is offset.
Added a new section in the main menu - Help.
Added support for Greek and Azerbaijani languages.
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect display the number of unread messages.
Fixed slowly zoom map in multi mode.
Corrected the bottom menu buttons for searching waypoints.
Fixed POI duplication and errors of the text in search of the nearest.
Fixed a bug that caused the re-launch of the program after the exit.
Fixed incorrect display of information about the movement of the bands.
And also made numerous other minor fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the program.

What's new in Navitel for Android:
Fixed a bug that caused the load maps release Q3 2012 if more new maps in the atlas.
Fixed errors in the functional simulation of the route.
Fixed bugs in the widget route (in the case of route planning for disabled satellites).
Fixed a bug that caused a crash program to Description the route between the two countries.
Eliminated the "loop" on the borders when Descriptionting a route between cards from different countries.
And also made numerous other minor fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the program.

What's new in Navitel for Android:
Fixed a bug that caused it to hang on exit.
Fixed errors in the functional search by address.
Fixed general bugs search for objects on the map.
Fixed functional "Refresh All" in the "My Navitel."
And also made other minor fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the program.

New map of Russia Release Q1 2013:
In an address search added 1,845,205 unique addresses.
The map shows 1978 new cities and towns, including 340 with the road network and address search
Added 16,904 km of road count and 47,199 POI
Added cities Zarinsk (Altai region), Bobrov, Boguchar, Borisoglebsk Ertil, Kalac, Liski, Novohopersk, Ostrogozhsk, Pavlovsk, Semiluki (Voronezh region), Belovo Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Mariinsk Osinniki, furnace, Jurg (Kemerovo region) , Kurtamysh (Kurgan region) Syasstroy (Leningrad region), Bolhov, Dmitrov (Orel region) Belebey Dyurtyuli, Tuymazy (Bashkortostan), Tetyushi (Republic of Tatarstan), Belaya Kalitva, Kamensk Shakhtinsky, Constantine, proletarian Semikarakorsk ( Rostov region), Ershov, Krasny Kut, Marks, Pugachev (Saratov Region), Seversk (Tomsk region) Belev, Don, Venev (Tula region), eye, Kambarka, Mozhga (Udmurtia region), Sergei Sengilei (Ulyanovsk region)
And also another 297 cities, towns and other populated areas of the country.

New map of Ukraine release Q1 2013:
Added 180 towns and cities with urban road network and address search.
Added 2 312 km of road graph.
The map shows 5537 new POI.
Added cities Volnogorsk, Yellow Waters, Manganese, Novomoskovsk Pershotravensk, Sinelnikovo, Ternovka (Dnipropetrovsk region), Thorez (Donetsk region), Energodar (Zaporizhia region) Rzhyshchiv, staring (Kiev region), Anthracite, Bryanka, Kirovsk (Luhansk region ) Drohobych, Sambor, Sokal, Truskavets (Lviv region), Pervomaisk (Mykolaiv region), Kealia, Teplodar, South (Odessa region), Shostka (Sumy region), Balakleya, Kupyansk, Vine (Kharkiv region), Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi region )

New Map of Belarus Release Q1 2013:
In an address search added 8784 unique addresses.
Contributed by 110 cities and towns with urban road network and address search.
Added 438 km of road and 1367 Count POI.
Added cities and Dubrovno Tolochin Vitebsk and Gomel Tour.

Map of Russia Q1 2013:
3,796,106 km of road graph.
4505 detailed cities and towns.
147,432 localities mapped.
873,842 POI.

Map of Ukraine Q1 2013:
1,099,418 km of road graph.
381 detailed city and town.
29,832 settlements mapped.
75,328 POI.

Map of Belarus Q1 2013:
281 474 km of road graph.
574 detailed cities and towns.
23,702 settlements mapped.
56,764 POI.

Map of Kazakhstan Q1 2013:
1,343,000 km of road graph.
68 detailed cities and towns.
9945 settlements mapped.
10,102 POI.

Map of Finland Q1 2013:
478 597 km of road graph.
9290 detailed cities and towns.
13,816 settlements mapped.
12,364 POI.

Map of Denmark Q1 2013:
146 473 km of road graph.
624 detailed cities and towns.
7060 settlements mapped.
16,680 POI.

Map of Norway Q1 2013:
247 371 km of road graph.
1437 detailed cities and towns.
19,063 localities mapped.
5750 POI.

Map of Sweden Q1 2013:
396 611 km of road graph.
3397 detailed cities and towns.
27,063 localities mapped.
12,748 POI.

Important! At the moment of the cards available Q1 2013 map of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden) and maps of federal districts of Russia. Repak browser version is available if you have a problem with lack of memory when installed. Full version with no problems had been installed and running on HTC HD2 with Android.

Central Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Moscow
Belgorod region
Bryansk region
Vladimir region
Voronezh region
Ivanovo region
Kaluga region
Kostroma region
Kursk region
Lipetsk region
Moscow region
Orel region
Ryazan region
Smolensk region
Tambov region
Tver region
Tula region
Yaroslavl region
Federal city of Moscow

Northwestern Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Saint Petersburg
The Republic of Karelia
Komi Republic
Arkhangelsk Region
Vologda Region
Leningrad Region
Murmansk region
Novgorod region
Pskov region
City of St. Petersburg
Nenets Autonomous District

Volga Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Nizhniy Novgorod
Republic of Bashkortostan
Mari El Republic
Republic of Mordovia
The Republic of Tatarstan
Udmurt Republic
Republic of Chuvashia
Kirov region
Nizhny Novgorod region
Orenburg region
Penza region
Samara Region
Saratov region
Ulyanovsk region

Southern Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Rostov-on-Don
Republic of Adygea
Republic of Kalmykia
Astrakhan region
Volgograd region
Rostov region

The North Caucasus Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Pyatigorsk
Republic of Dagestan
Republic of Ingushetia
Republic of North Ossetia - Alania
The Chechen Republic
Stavropol Territory

The Ural Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Ekaterinburg
Kurgan region
Sverdlovsk region
Tyumen Region
Chelyabinsk region
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Yugra
Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

The Siberian Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Novosibirsk
Altai Republic
Republic of Buryatia
Republic of Tyva
Republic of Khakassia
Trans-Baikal Territory
Krasnoyarsk Territory
Irkutsk Region
Kemerovo Region
Novosibirsk Region
Omsk Region
Tomsk Region

Far East Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Khabarovsk
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Khabarovsk Krai
Amur Region
Sakhalin Region
Jewish Autonomous Region
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