- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

  Artist:      Dethklok
  Album:       Dethalbum III
  Label:       Williams Street
  Playtime:    51:12 min
  Genre:       Death Metal
  Rip date:    2012-10-16
  Street date: 2012-10-16
  Size:        107.09 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     277 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

  What separates Dethalbum III from its predecessors is Brendon Small’s
  performance all across the board. Vocally, it seems like he’s toned it down a
  bit or maybe it’s just the production quality, but it is noticeable. Another
  aspect of Brendon’s musicianship that we haven’t seen before is the quality in
  his improvisation on the solos. As I said before, we have those Dethklok
  classics that run in the same vein within the Dethklok dimensions. However, we
  also see Brendon Small experimenting with traditional styled Death Metal songs
  around mid-way in the album with songs “Starved”, “Killstrado Abominations”,
  and “Ghostqueen”. What I mean by that is Brendon is using traditional death
  metal styled riffs, yet he still maintains his melodic edge that he’s known

  In the end, we see Brendon Small outdo himself compared to the rest of the
  material he has written over the years. We also see Brendon becoming a
  formidable guitar virtuoso that’ll become a major influence from a new
  generation of death metal bands, considering Dethklok’s popularity and all. As
  a result, Dethalbum III is fucking badass and probably one of the best albums
  to be released in 2012.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. I Ejaculate Fire                                                  ( 3:38)
  02. Crush The Industry                                                ( 5:29)
  03. Andromeda                                                         ( 3:27)
  04. The Galaxy                                                        ( 5:15)
  05. Starved                                                           ( 4:57)
  06. Killstardo Abominate                                              ( 2:31)
  07. Ghostqueen                                                        ( 4:18)
  08. Impeach God                                                       ( 3:34)
  09. Biologicial Warfare                                               ( 4:35)
  10. Skyhunter                                                         ( 4:08)
  11. The Hammer                                                        ( 4:28)
  12. Rejoin                                                            ( 4:52)

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