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Thread: Rza rips tag off wu-tang reunion lp: "you can't buy it nowhere else"

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    Question Rza rips tag off wu-tang reunion lp: "you can't buy it nowhere else"

    Wu-Tang Clan head RZA recently talked about the upcoming A Better Tomorrow group reunion album and explained why it separates itself from anything else going down in hip-hop right now.
    Along with discussing the Wu project, RZA also spoke on the Clan hooking back up for next month's annual Hot 97 Summer Jam concert in New Jersey.
    "It's very unique and you can't buy it nowhere else," the RZA told MTV News on Monday at Fox's upfront event in New York. "You gotta go to Whole Foods for certain foods, right? Well, there are certain things you have to come to Wu-Tang for. ... Summer Jam is so important to New York. We're all New Yorkers, we started out on Hot 97, and to have Hot 97 bring us back ... I'm looking extra forward to that. So come prepared, get ready to sweat and have some fun." (MTV)
    Recent tweets from Wu's verified Twitter page revealed group members Ghostface Killah and Method Man had already started working on the LP.
    "Wu-Tang this is how it is going down Method Man has laid four verses, Ghostface Killah just laid two new verses, and 2 verses from Inspectah Deck. The new Wu Tang LP is coming together. We moving baby....#BetterTomorrow.," a post read May 1st.
    "The Mighty WUTANG Family . The Foundation ."
    "The work is the most important part of any agreement"
    "Despite all of the managers dispute! We stand as one! Come out and see the Wu Tang Clan on tour. Marseille,France. scheduled for May 24, 2013 Barcelona Spain scheduled for May 25, 2013 Paris France, Venue Zenith scheduled for May 26, 2013 Hot 97 Summer Jam scheduled for June 2, 2013 NYC. Bonnaroo Festival scheduled for June 14, 2013 to June 15, 2013 Location: Manchester,TN Festival D'ete scheduled for July 5, 2013 Location: Quebec City,Canada Des Moines IA scheduled for July 6, 2013 Ottawa Blues scheduled for July 7, 2013 Location: Ottawa,Canada" (Wu-Tang Clan's Twitter)
    Earlier this year, Raekwon explained why a reunion should be more meaningful than putting extra money in their pockets.
    "The bottom line is: Of course I want to see a Wu-Tang reunion. Of course. Who wouldn't? I just want everything to be right, the business. When we made a lot of our great music, it was because we were in harmony. You cannot put guys together if there is no harmony, and on top of it, we're doing business. As a man with children, I have to always look at that. It's bigger than sometimes just the thought of it, the fact of it, it just gotta make sense." (RapFix)
    Last fall, group member Masta Killa hit up SOHH and spoke on the delayed regathering.
    "The reunion already started, man," Masta told SOHH. "You know what I'm saying? [laughs] That's something natural. That's like coming home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes all the family shows up, sometimes you might be missing a brother and you're like, 'Ah man! It would have been the bomb if he had came.' You know? We're gonna do what we do naturally but I'm definitely looking forward to bringing it all back together and holding up the 'W' again. Whenever that comes, just know it's coming. Just know it's coming." (SOHH)

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